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Welcome to the family of Malibu Homes.


Our goal at Malibu is to build a home to fit your lifestyle. We start with one of our basic floor plans and if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, we assist you with revisions to make it uniquely yours. We take the time to explain all the decisions to be made throughout the homebuilding process so that we are partners in building your home. As your partner, we have put together a selection process that helps our clients make efficient decisions.

We use our many years of industry experience to build you a quality home in a timely manner. Our constant communication and attention to detail make your homebuilding process as stress-free as possible..

At Malibu Homes, we believe the building process should be fun and exciting from start to finish, and that means giving you a home based on your ideas and designs. We will work with you to turn your ideas into your dream home. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us for any further information.


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Ready-to-Entertain 1.5

Prairies Ranch

Mid-Level 2 Story

Prairie Ridge Ranch

White Prairie 1.5

2012 Street of Dreams

Livable 1.5

305 1.5 Story

Elegant 1.5 Story

Old-World New-Style 1.5

Mallard Cape Cod

Malibu Modern 1.5

The Modern 621

Mid-Century Spin

Outdoor-In 1.5

Cozy 1.5 Story

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